ArcheoEchi – VR Experience

ArcheoEchi is a VR documentary that recreates the atmosphere of the ancient medieval cathedral of Montecorvino. Thanks to advanced immersive technologies, its graphic layout was reconstructed as well as its acoustics, allowing users to have multisensorial time travel. This makes ArcheoEchi one of the first virtual archeoacoustics projects ever implemented for the general audience.

In order to guarantee the highest level of scientific accuracy, ArcheoEchi has been supported by the Department of Humanities of the University of Foggia (IT) and the AudioLab of the University of York (UK). Our precious collaborators who worked on ArcheoEchi are Francesco Cardillo (acoustic engineer), Follorum medieval music ensemble, Marcello Strinati (actor), Valerio Quartullo and Aurora Meneo (3D modeling), Martina Scarcelli (text editor), Anna Maria d’Ecclesia (narrating voice), Andrea Belardinelli (360 videos), Clab Studio (recording facilities).

ArcheoEchi has been subject of two papers:

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