Digital services for cultural heritage

AuralTech specializes in developing immersive experiences to enhance access to cultural heritage and the enjoyment of archaeological sites, museums, and exhibitions.

The core business is auralization, which involves the virtual reconstruction of the acoustics of historical buildings and the design of immersive audio systems that recreate the sensation of being in that virtual sound environment.

AuralTech is for anyone who wants to use new immersive technologies as part of the experiences they offer.

AuralTech has designed and successfully implemented immersive experiences using virtual reality headsets, interactive electronic devices, and immersive audio systems.

Additionally, it offers professional consulting services in the field of acoustics, including the design of new acoustic spaces, optimization of the acoustics in existing locations, and implementation of strategies to reduce noise pollution in urban environments.





Gianluca Grazioli


Marco Maruotti

Historical content supervisor

Giulio D'Amelio

3D modeler

Francesco Cardillo

Acoustic consultant