Digital services for cultural heritage

AuralTech is an innovative startup with the aim of developing new experiences to access the cultural heritage.

We help provide better access to archaeological sites, museums and exhibitions using new visual and aural immersive technologies.

AuralTech is for anyone who wants to use new immersive technologies as part of the experiences they offer.

Our pilot project ArcheoEchi involved a key site in medieval Capitanata called Montecorvino. We reconstructed the Romanesque cathedral into an immersive VR and 3D audio experience.

ArcheoEchi received the financial support of the Regione Puglia and the scientific support from the Department of Humanities of the University of Foggia (IT) and the AudioLab of the University of York (UK).



Gianluca Grazioli


Marco Maruotti

Historical content supervisor

Giulio D'Amelio

3D modeler

Francesco Cardillo

Acoustic consultant

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